Digital / Profile Radiography


Digital / Profile Radiography

ESNADVB has invested in an emerging technology in the field of NDT which is Digital Radiography, enables the digital capture of an image by use of re-usable imaging plate (IP) which is coated with a phosphor layer, and when exposed to radiation is able to store resultant energy. This image is stored as raw data, although the image can be enhanced to optimize the contrast, magnify and measure the component the initial image remains unchanged.

Advantages of Digital Radiography:

  • Shorter image acquisition times
  • No need to return to office for film development
  • No expenditure for film & chemicals
  • Digital archiving & reporting possibilities
  • Simple workflow
  • Brightness, contrast and magnification adjustable during / after shooting
  • Apply image processing, measurements, calculations and annotations
  • Resolution comparable to or higher than HQ film
  • Higher dynamic range than film (easier to get good shot the first time)
  • Remotely operated with tablet
  • Significantly lower radiation dose and exposure times
  • Highly mobile system usable in combination with Rope Access
  • Rugged & weather proof
  • Battery operated (16 hrs / 1000 images with single charge)

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