Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)


Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

TOFD is performed using longitudinal waves as the primary detection method through the ultrasonic sensors that are placed on each side of the weld.
Using ultrasonic beam spread, TOFD provides wide area of coverage for anomaly detection in the material being tested. Measurements of the time of flight of this diffracted beam enables accurate and reliable flaw detection and sizing. During typical TOFD inspections, A-Scan are collected and used to create B-Scan (Side View) images of the weld.
ESNADVB professionals are highly trained and experienced in TOFD ultrasonic testing for various core industrial sectors. Our expertise in using the state-of-the art equipment such as Olympus Omniscan has allowed us to perform specific testing of high pressure and high temperature pipe welds on circumferential and seams weld between 20mm to 75mm wall thickness.


  • Inspection of construction welds, in lieu of radiography, providing an excellent record of vessel or pipe condition.
  • Application for in-service defects, such as cracking, corrosion, erosion, etc.
  • Very high temperature limitation (700 F), with slight loss in sensitivity.
  • Defects detection regardless of their orientation within the weld.
  • No necessity to stop other activities in the area (which RT demands).
  • Application either during welding or immediately after completion of the weld, allowing instant determination of weld quality.
  • Flaw growth monitoring for run/repair decisions.

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