Rope Access NDT (IRATA)


Rope Access NDT (IRATA)

ESNADVB provides an extensive range of their services with the aid of Rope Access services to minimise costs associated with both time consuming and expensive scaffold systems. It has been shown throughout the last number of years that this is an extremely safe method for execution of numerous applications at elevated locations and those that have restricted access.

All of these services are performed by qualified experts in the field, approved by international body such as IRATA.
Choosing Rope Access can reduce a project’s total lead time by 50% or more. The same goes for the amount of working hours “at risk”. It is often possible to carry out Rope Access work without interrupting production processes or temporarily closing buildings.

ESNADVB has a vast experience in applying Rope Access techniques in compliance with the highest safety standards IRATA. Therefore, we are able to achieve extremely short mobilisation times.

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